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Chenin Blanc

aka Gros Chenin, Franc Blanc, Pineau d’Anjou, Vaalblaar Stein Origin Chenin Blanc is traditionally known as the white wine grape variety from the Loire Valley of France. It probably originated as a mutation of the …Read More


aka Tinto Mazuelo(Esp.), Gragnano (Italy), Pinot Evara (Port.), Carignan noir (Fr.) Origin The grape variety known as Carignane originated in the Spanish region Aragon in the town of Cariñena. Spain’s reputation as a wine growing …Read More


aka Barberone, Barbexinis, Besgano, Cosses Barbusen, Gaietto, etc… Origin Barbera has a very rich history going back centuries. It is said that the beginnings for the grape start in the hills of Monferrato in central …Read More

Alicante Bouschet

aka Alicant de Pays, Alikant Bushe, Aragones, Garnacha Tintorera, etc… Origin The Alicante Bouschet grape was created by French father and son vine breeders; the Bouschet’s. Louis Bouschet (father) wanted to a grape that produced …Read More