Stainless Steel Wine Tanks

History of Use

Utilization of stainless steel barrels in the wine making industry has been growing in the last half century.  Most modern wineries, especially those in the United States, use stainless steel.  The slow shift towards more use of stainless steel barrels was caused by the need to control costs and the fermentation process.  Stainless steel barrels offer longevity and the ability to manage the temperature of the vessel and yeast.

Properties of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel barrels are designed for wine making in all of the stages of development, fermentation and maturation. Barrels made from stainless steel offer product integrity, longevity and purity of materials.  Modern winemakers like using stainless steel because they can better control the addition of oak characteristics by, utilizing oak chips or mixing storage containers throughout the storage/aging process.

Effects on Wine & Advantages of Use

Stainless steel wine barrels are marketing as “giving the winemaker the best of both worlds.”  As stated above, wines can be aged in stainless steel without adding oak flavor to the wine and a winemaker can use whatever ratio of oak to steel barrel that is desired, without sacrificing integrity and complexity. By using stainless steel barrels in the wine making process, wine makers have more flexibility with regards to the type of wines that are created.

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