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At American Wine Grape we are constantly striving to bring the wine world together.  From the home winemaker, to the knowledgeable sommelier, to the wine growers we want to the bridge the gap and help people connect.  Our directory gives you access to the specific vineyards and wineries that produce your favorite wine.  From Alicante to Zinfandel, we’ve listed who produces what and where they can be found.

Click here and Check it out!  With our directory you’ll be able to plan your next winery tour, find out when the next tasting event is and/or place your next order for your favorite case of wine.  If we’ve left your favorite winery off the list please let us know.  Send us and email and we’ll make sure it gets listed in our directory. Email us at:

About americanwinegrape

American Wine Grape Distributors Inc. AKA A. Silvestro Wine Grape, has been in business for over 5 decades. We are wine enthusiasts just like you and want to share in that enjoyment. This is why we are developing a new and exciting platform for growers, restaurants, sommeliers and home winemakers. Our goal is to bring the wine community together and is the driving force behind our new blog.