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Chinese Wine Production: Part II

Chinese Acquisitions and Trade Disputes As we reported in Chinese Wine Production, China is quickly becoming a major player in the world-wide wine market.  While vineyard owners and managers are struggling to bring high-quality wine to …Read More

Properly Store Your Wine

Most wines, red and white, are meant to be consumed within 24 hours of their purchase. However, fine wines can be stored for consumption at a later date.  Historically wine storage was the sole responsibility …Read More

Wine Collecting

Regardless of your motives for collecting wine, it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t need a fortune to do so.  However, like all hobbies, wine collecting does require a significant investment of time. …Read More

Counterfeit Wine

Counterfeit wine has existed for centuries and sometimes makes a big splash in the news. Take, for instance, the lawsuit against Hardy Rodenstock.  Once respected in the wine industry as an acclaimed connoisseur, Hardy was …Read More

Global Warming and Wine Production: Serious Implications?

As we wrote in the  grape varietal information section, weather, soil, and topography all play a major role in wine production.  Combined they are called “terroir” and when balanced well can result in great wines.  Around …Read More

Chinese Wine Production

These days what isn’t China producing?  Well, you can cross wine off that list.  While wineries and vineyards in the U.S. and Europe don’t have anything to fear, the same can’t be said for Chile, …Read More

What is Organic Wine?

Many consumers don’t spend a lot of time showing interest in how their wine(s) came to be.  After the quick question of red or white is answered, the next consideration before purchase is the points …Read More

Decanting Wine, Is it worth it?

To answer the questions simply; yes and no.  Experts throughout the wine industry disagree on a myriad of points about the need to decant wine.  Thus depending upon who you talk to decanting is a …Read More

Bottle Me This, Bottle Me That

While less impactful than the type of wood a barrel is made from, the type of bottle chosen for any variety of wine is not a decision taken lightly.  When you purchase a bottle of wine, …Read More

The Role of Grape Sugars in Wine Development

There is no doubt that the quality of wines produced today has vastly improved over the wines of yesteryear.  This refinement of wine production, much like the understanding of Barrel Types, has been a direct …Read More

Hip-Hop Culture and Moscato – A Perfect Fit?

If you listen to chart topping hip-hop it might seem like even those artists are struggling in this depressed economy.  How else would you explain the latest trend of singing about sipping on Moscato D’Asti …Read More

Wine on Tap

While wine on tap is nothing brand new here in the United States, our first loves of beer and liquor have made us reluctant adopters of this trend.  Wine from kegs is old hat in …Read More

Sweet Red Wines on the Rise?

The next time you walk into your favorite local restaurant don’t be surprised to find more and more 21-34 year-olds drinking wine, and enjoying it too.  New wine drinkers are popping up all the time …Read More

Corks Vs. Screw Caps

Introduction For centuries, the cork has been “the” way wine bottles were sealed.  The sound of the cork popping out of the bottle became a time honored tradition and usually represented the beginning of the …Read More