Cleaning and Sanitizing Wine Bottles

From start to finish every piece of equipment used in the wine making process needs to be cleaned and sanitized.  Regardless of the type of bottle you use there is no exception for skipping this step.

Cleaning & Sanitizing Items:

  1. Water, warm
  2. Bottle brush
  3. Dishwashing soap (unscented)*
  4. Large pot
  5. Large tongs or similar tool
  6. Clean towels
  7. Drying Rack

*Scented soap can leave a residue due to the additives which give it the scent.

Cleaning & Sanitizing Instructions:

Wash the bottles in warm water with unscented dish washing soap.  Scrub each bottle thoroughly to remove any visible residues.  Rinse with hot water.

In a large pot bring water to a rolling boil.  Fully submerge each bottle in to the water for at least 10 minutes.  (This guarantees the killing of bacteria and other microbes.)

Remove the bottles from the water using clean tongs or other instrument.  Dry the outside of the bottles with the clean towels and place bottles upside down on drying rack to allow the bottles to drip dry.


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