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aka Brunello, Calabrese, Lambrusco Mendoza Origin The true origin of the Sangiovese grape is a bit tricky to pin down.  It is thought that the name of the grape was taken from the Latin phrase …Read More

French Colombard

aka Colombard (Fr.), Colombar (RSA) Origin Colombard, better known as French Colombard in North America, is a traditional variety of the Charente region in Central Western France.  While no DNA testing has been reported on …Read More


aka Cannonau (Ital.), Garnacha Negro (Esp.), etc… Origin Grenache or Garnacha (Esp.) is said to most likely have originated in the region of Aragon in northern Spain.  From there plantings were probably spread to Catalonia …Read More


aka Pinot Gris (Fr.), Pinot Grigio (It.) Origin Pinot Gris is on record in the region of Burgundy, France dating back to the Middle Ages.  It is thought that the grape was most likely called …Read More


aka Picard, Langon Origin Merlot was first recorded in an area near Venice, Italy in 1855.  There it was better known as Bordo.  From Italy, the grape was introduced to France and Switzerland.  The name …Read More


aka Fransdruif or White French (RSA), Listán (Fr.), Perrum (Por.) Origin Palomino originated in the Andalusia region of southern Spain.  Legend states that the grape was named after a knight in the court of King …Read More


aka Criolla (Arg.), Listan Prieto (Esp.), Palomino Negro (Esp.), Pais (Chile) Origin Mission grapes received their name because they were most often found growing at missions in Mexico and California.  For years the original European …Read More

Ruby Cabernet

Origin Ruby Cabernet was created in 1936 by Dr. Harold Olmo at the University of California, Davis.  The grape is known as a red Olmo grape variety that is a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and …Read More


aka Muscat de Frontignan (Fr.) and Moscato di Canelli (It.) Origin Muscat was probably one of the first grape varieties to be identified and cultivated.  Most likely originating in Greece, the Muscat grape was brought …Read More


aka Arnaison Blanc, Chablis, Bargeois Blanc, Petit Sainte-Marie, etc… Origin For a long time, Chardonnay’s true origins were uncertain due to claims by vineyard owners in Lebanon and Syria that the grape’s ancestry could be …Read More


aka Tempranillo Origin Tempranillo is a black grape widely cultivated to make full-bodied red wines in its native home of Spain.  Rioja, in north central Spain, and Ribera del Duero, which lies a bit further …Read More

Thompson Seedless

aka Sultana Origin While it’s true origin has not been found, the Thompson Seedless grape is assumed to be a close of the Sultanina grape which originated in Persia (modern-day Iran).  There is further speculation …Read More


aka Primitivo Nero, Crljenak, Zenfendal, etc… Origin Until recently, Zinfandel (a name of uncertain origin) was a mystery grape as far as its origins were concerned.  Research conducted in Croatia and at the University of …Read More

Cabernet Sauvignon

Origin In the world of grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon is a relatively new variety.  Sometime during the 17th century, in southwestern France, a Cabernet Franc was crossed with a Sauvignon Blanc. This new hybrid grape grew …Read More

Chenin Blanc

aka Gros Chenin, Franc Blanc, Pineau d’Anjou, Vaalblaar Stein Origin Chenin Blanc is traditionally known as the white wine grape variety from the Loire Valley of France. It probably originated as a mutation of the …Read More


aka Tinto Mazuelo(Esp.), Gragnano (Italy), Pinot Evara (Port.), Carignan noir (Fr.) Origin The grape variety known as Carignane originated in the Spanish region Aragon in the town of Cariñena. Spain’s reputation as a wine growing …Read More


aka Barberone, Barbexinis, Besgano, Cosses Barbusen, Gaietto, etc… Origin Barbera has a very rich history going back centuries. It is said that the beginnings for the grape start in the hills of Monferrato in central …Read More

Alicante Bouschet

aka Alicant de Pays, Alikant Bushe, Aragones, Garnacha Tintorera, etc… Origin The Alicante Bouschet grape was created by French father and son vine breeders; the Bouschet’s. Louis Bouschet (father) wanted to a grape that produced …Read More