Arizona Home Wine Making Laws

State Law: Legal Amounts of Homemade Wine

Arizona laws regarding homemade wine are pursuant to the federal law which states the following:

The aggregate amount of wine exempt from tax under this subsection with respect to any household shall not exceed – (1) 200 gallons per calendar year if there are 2 or more adults in such household, or (2) 100 gallons per calendar year if there is only 1 adult in such household.

State Alcoholic Beverages Control Agency

Department of Liquor Licenses and Control
800 Washington Street, Suite 500
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: 602.542.5141
Fax: 602.542.5707

Statute Title & Description

Title 4 Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 1 General Provisions Article 1 Section 101 Definitions

“Wine” means the product obtained by the fermentation of grapes or other agricultural products containing natural or added sugar or any such alcoholic beverage fortified with grape brandy and containing not more than twenty-four per cent of alcohol by volume.

Chapter 2 Rules and Regulations Article 2 Section 221 Registration of stills; forfeiture; sale; proceeds

Every person having in his possession or custody or under his control a still or distilling apparatus shall register it with the director under the rules the director may prescribe, and every still or distilling apparatus not so registered, together with all mash, wort or wash, for distillation or for the production of spirits or alcohol, and all finished products, together with all personal property in the possession or custody of, or under the control of any person, which may be used in the manufacture or transportation of spirituous liquors, and which is found in the building or in any yard or enclosure connected with the building in which the unregistered still or distilling apparatus is located, shall be forfeited to the state.

Chapter 2 Rules and Regulations Article 2 Section 226 Exemptions

Ethyl alcohol intended for use or used for the following purposes:

Scientific, chemical, mechanical, industrial and medicinal purposes.

Use by those authorized to procure spirituous liquor or ethyl alcohol tax-free, as provided by the acts of Congress and regulations promulgated thereunder.

In the manufacture of denatured alcohol produced and used as provided by the acts of Congress and regulations promulgated thereunder.



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